I had been to this pizza shop once as a child. It stayed in my mind as the best pizza I had ever tasted. I often would tell Joshua about it, and how good it was.

One time we found ourselves stranded in Ponderay, Idaho, with an almost flat tire. We decided to order pizza for delivery to our hotel room. We ordered from Second Avenue Pizza. They were very busy that night, and it took quite some time to get to us. However, the pizza was every bit as good as I remembered it. The only trouble was that I was pregnant and sick at the time. Because of that, I had a hard time fully enjoying it.

Pizza is one of our family’s favorite affordable dinners. So it was an easy decision to stop at this restaurant on our way through Sandpoint, Idaho, the other day. We had some trouble finding it, because the GPS was being squirrely. Being the backseat driver/navigator that I tend to be, I could not figure out which way we needed to turn. We went around and around, and up and down for awhile. Finally I figured out where we were on the GPS, and we managed to successfully navigate to this rather unassuming location.

The shop front of Second Avenue Pizza
The shop front of Second Avenue Pizza

Atmosphere and Service

When we went in, we wondered if we should seat ourselves. No one greeted us, so we finally decided to sit at a big table we liked. There is kind of a 50’s theme going on there. They even have a nice, old jukebox in one corner. That jukebox was one of the things I remember from my childhood.

Since we still had not been acknowledged, Joshua went to the counter to request a menu. We decided on two large pizzas. Joshua had to go back to the counter to order, and also to get our drinks. We also had to go ask for refills on our water. This was a very unusual restaurant as far as service goes. Although the staff was friendly enough, we mostly had to wait our own table.

That night they did not seem to be too busy. They got the pizza to us quickly.

The Food

Here is where Second Avenue shines! This is still some of the best pizza we have ever had! The pepperoni pizza was LOADED with pepperoni and mozzarella, and sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese.

The Jukebox pizza was something special. It had to be at least two inches thick! It was piled high with pepperoni, salami, spicy Italian sausage, fresh mushrooms, fresh sliced onions, and olives. We ordered jalapenos as an additional topping, and they gave us a very generous portion on the side.

We thoroughly enjoyed every bite. It was so, so good! Normally we can eat two large pizzas easily. Not at Second Avenue! We wound up taking home almost an entire large pizza, which we had for lunch the next day. We will definitely be going back again someday for more of that amazing food!

The rating for this visit to Second Avenue Pizza