We are the Bartles, a family of six. We love spending time with God, and we also love enjoying life together. One of our favorite things to do as a family is to travel. Sometimes on a limited budget, that can make for some creative trips. We splurge where we can, save when we can, and adventure as much as possible. Joshua and Connie have traveled around the world individually to several countries. Joshua has also traveled throughout the United States extensively. We enjoy sharing our adventures, and giving tips that might come in handy, based on the things we have learned on our journeys.

At the Kootenai Falls

We love the outdoors and related activities. Some of the outdoor things we most enjoy are camping, hiking, swimming, biking, and exploring nature around us. We also enjoy a few outdoor sports, such as Disc Golf, Tennis, and the kids’ favorite is Badminton.

A lot of our exploring involves food. We enjoy trying new flavors and experiencing new places. We owned a restaurant for quite a few years, where we learned to appreciate a good dining experience, and gained a lot of food service knowledge.

Visiting Famous Dave’s, one of our favorite BBQ places in the north.


Some of Joshua’s main hobbies include gardening, art, writing, photography, cooking gourmet dinners, and especially studying animals and plants in nature. He also regularly goes biking for miles, and enjoys tending his year round greenhouse. Having a great love for music, he is often playing the guitar and leading in worship, and builds and plays beautiful Celtic flutes.


In her limited free time, Connie enjoys reading, writing, art, cooking, crocheting, and spending quality time with the kids. Music is one thing she loves, which is why she plays both the flute and piano. Besides these rather domestic things, she also has a great love for extreme adventure. She loves riding thrill rides, swinging on dangerously high rope swings, and basically anything thrilling that gets the adrenaline going. Connie is the writer behind the blog, while Joshua takes most of the photos. She is also the one who organizes most of the trips.


This girl is a very happy child who enjoys spending time outdoors, and especially loves camping. She will get the family motivated to camp, even if it is just in the backyard. Some other activities she also loves are, swimming, biking, reading, watching movies, and she is amazing at thinking up and making creative crafts. 


Usually a rather quiet and thoughtful person, Mercy loves to read. Lately she has also started to enjoy biking and hiking. She is especially artistic and spends many hours drawing and coloring. 


Lily is always excited and happy. This girl loves to go on new adventures, whatever that might look like. She also likes to draw, and is learning to read. These girls love to play dress-up and make-believe. They especially like everything princess related.  


Our youngest is a bright little boy. He likes to look at books, build puzzles, and is almost always singing. Even more, he is very fond of spending time outdoors, and really loves to go out looking for animals and insects.

We hope you enjoy following our family’s adventures! Welcome to our world!